Blog-A-Thon Benefit

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Blog-A-Thon Benefit

Postby julie f » Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:42 am

Blog-A-Thon will benefit PF

Jen Kibler-McCabe is set to participate in a charity Blog-A-Thon where participants among twent-four time zones blog for 24 hours to benefit a variety of charities. Jen, who experienced HELLP during her recent delivery, has picked PF as her charity of choice!!

On July 25th through July 26th, she will post to her blog every 30 minutes which equates to roughly 49-50 posts! She will share the story of her son's birth at 29 weeks, and post information about these pregnancy disorders and the Preeclampsia Foundation.

Sponsors donate dollars per hour or in lump sum.

To donate to this event - in support of PF - contact Jen at [email protected] and she will give her blog address.

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