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Re : Tupperware for Fundraiser-UPDATED 5/12

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 638296 7:47 pm
by Dawn D
sent you an email off forum with guidance on moving forward. Thanks so much for your willingness to coordinate a project that benefits PF!!

Re : Tupperware for Fundraiser-UPDATED 5/12

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 638296 3:11 am
by Dawn D
Hi D'Arcy,
with attending the walk-a-thon on Sat and today being Mother's Day I was not able to get back to you sooner. I have also shared your post with Tom (exec dir). And we will be sure to email you with more as we start this new week.

When/if generous members (like yourself) want to donate through home-based business sales - particularly if they hope to use the PF website to promote the projects - there are parameters that need to be discussed. (some of which may be new in recent years/months).

Hang tight, we do appreciate your ambition to use your talents and resources to generate funds to benefit PF!

Re : Tupperware for Fundraiser-UPDATED 5/12

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 638296 9:15 pm
by darcynulph

I emailed you yesterday after your post and haven't heard back. How long does it take to be approved?


Re : Tupperware for Fundraiser-UPDATED 5/12

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 638296 2:25 am
by Dawn D
Hi D'Arcy, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and willingness to make a difference. Of course raising funds is a critical part of the mission and we are grateful for all donation and efforts in support of that. We do, however, have some standard (and necessary) guidelines/procedures that need to be followed when hosting such fundraisers in support of the Foundation.

I will email you directly and we can talk further.

For anyone interested in learning how home-businesses can appropriately generate funds to be donated, or
in hearing more about fundraising opportunities already outlined by the Fundrsg department and approved by our Exec Director -
email or contact me at

Also, kindly note this post:

Tupperware for Fundraiser-UPDATED 5/12

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 638296 6:20 pm
by darcynulph
****I have been given approval by the Foundation for fundraising using the Tupperware Program. This is a fundraiser to support the Preeclampsia Foundation not a fundraiser sponsored by the Preeclampsia Foundation.

****If you are interested in having an Online Fundraiser or Catalog Fundraiser we can get started immediately.

****Please send me an email, let me know when you would like to start and I will provide you with an email template, timeline of the fundraiser and a flyer that can be emailed or printed.

*****Ask me about the special Fundraising your way to Saving Grace. It will help fund your expenses and the PF will still receive their donation.


My Husband and I have recently become Tupperware Consultants. They have a great fundraising program and I would love to help the Preeclampsia Foundation to raise much needed funds and awareness.

The way this would work is I would set up a party for you whether it is a group of friends and family, walk-a-thon, city, state or region. You could use this at any time of the year or even multiple times per year i.e. prior to your walk-a-thon or immediately after. LIKE TODAY!!! Orders can be placed online during a two week period. 40% of the gross sales will be donated to the Preeclampsia Foundation.

I will supply email content, a flyer and a link to the party. You don't need to collect money or handout catalogs because orders can be placed online and delivered to the home of your friends and family. Your job would be to get the word out.

Send me an email and let me know if you are interested. I hope to be working with many of you very soon.