Oprah is doing a show on miracle babies

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Re : Oprah is doing a show on miracle babies

Postby pugmommy7 » Wed May 26, 2004 04:48 pm

Good for you guys.
Do you e-mail her or send hard letters?
I cannot wait to see some of my online heroes on Oprah!

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Re : Oprah is doing a show on miracle babies

Postby mintmommy » Fri May 21, 2004 10:26 am

I'll be doing the same. Sending my letters as often as possible.

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Re : Oprah is doing a show on miracle babies

Postby kdreher » Sun Apr 04, 2004 08:29 am

Exposure for any type of issues, such as this is great, I just wish she would address the reasons, etc for the small size. I continue to send Oprah my letter every week...maybe she'll get bugged so much someone will finally call [:)]

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Re : Oprah is doing a show on miracle babies

Postby julie f » Fri Apr 02, 2004 08:05 am


How exciting!! Thanks for passing this info on, I will get my letter out this weekend!!

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Oprah is doing a show on miracle babies

Postby momathelete » Thu Apr 01, 2004 08:45 pm

The family in my area that I mentioned earlier that had a 10 oz baby were contacted by Oprah for a show she is doing in May about miracle babies. It was in the local paper since there was an update on her -now almost 3 lbs!!!! They weren't sure if they would do the show but I thought that we may want to flood her with more preE letters since they will be talking about the babies, maybe they will talk about preE too. The guests have not all been booked so there is time!!!

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