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Re : Fundraising suggestion...

Postby kdreher » Tue Mar 02, 2004 04:57 am

I would:
(a) pay an annual membership
(b) like stickers/lic. plate frames

Is it possible to do a mail out or is that too costly? What about organizing a National Pre-E Walk Day (or is that already done)!!!?

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Re : Fundraising suggestion...

Postby jenn122 » Thu Feb 19, 2004 04:55 pm

I think that would be a great idea too!


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Re : Fundraising suggestion...

Postby sarab » Thu Feb 19, 2004 04:17 pm

I think this is a good idea, escpecially the license plate frame. I would LOVE to have a PF frame, decal, or bumper sticker for my car! [:D]

Thanks Sandy!

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Fundraising suggestion...

Postby sandy » Thu Feb 19, 2004 01:47 pm

Hi Anne. Here is a thought I have for a fundraising suggestion. I'm sure financial and donated resources are strapped, and "people power" are few, but here's a thought:

What if the PF started having an annual membership drive, which required a set amount to join? Something as small as $10 maybe...and of course, people could give annually more if they preferred and were able.

The website/forums would all be free of charge to anyone like they are now, but for people who wanted to be a member, you could charge the annual membership fee, and give something in return...something that would help create the first year, it could be a PF license plate frame, the next year it could be a PF t-shirt...or you could do the same every year.

The community I live in requests a $20 donation for an annual membership, which gives me a huge (like 50 pages) newsletter delivered to my door every month. I'm not suggesting giving anything like that, but also I get each year a decal (which I place on the inside of my car facing out) that is not sticky but it sticks on the window with the community logo on it and the current year. The PF could consider something like that to create awareness, too.

What do you think?
:) Sandy.

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