Kudos to Molly: Spring '06 Newletter

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Re : Kudos to Molly: Spring '06 Newletter

Postby fiona » Tue Jun 13, 637662 11:27 am

Well done guys - it looks great.

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Re : Kudos to Molly: Spring '06 Newletter

Postby eleni » Mon Jun 12, 637662 6:57 pm

In addition to applauding Molly's fantastic championing of this newsletter, I'd also like to recognize PF member Alex Powell who served as the primary copyeditor (and wrote the cover story) for this first issue. She was grace under pressure as she persevered through several revisions and edits, often late at night, to try to meet our aggressive deadline of getting ths out by the WAT. Our graphic designer, Andrew Rustad, also provided expert guidance and service with unflinching good humor as we muddled our way through this first issue. All the newsletter staff is eager to contribute to this quarterly publication so we look forward to great things with our summer edition! Be sure to contact Molly (mlaureto@yahoo.com) if you have ideas for future issues. Beaucoup thanks to Molly, Alex and all the contributors!

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Re : Kudos to Molly: Spring '06 Newletter

Postby caryn » Wed May 31, 637662 8:06 pm

Guys, that newsletter is GORGEOUS. Great work!

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Re : Kudos to Molly: Spring '06 Newletter

Postby atanya » Wed May 10, 637662 7:48 am

You did a great job on the newsletter, thank you for including me in it...

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Re : Kudos to Molly: Spring '06 Newletter

Postby lucy » Fri Apr 28, 637662 9:15 pm

Wow thats the first I had seen it, you guys did an awesome job it looks wonderful. I could talk to my Dr about getting ordering brochures because she gives out a big bag of information to all of her patients at the first appt I bet she would be happy to include the Preeclampsia brochures in there and it would be great for all her patients to have that information from the beggining of pregnancy.

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Re : Kudos to Molly: Spring '06 Newletter

Postby ileana » Thu Apr 27, 637662 8:23 pm

Here's a link to the newsletter!


Thank you so much, Molly! It's beautiful.

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Re : Kudos to Molly: Spring '06 Newletter

Postby Dawn D » Thu Apr 06, 637662 4:54 am

This is a beautiful newsletter! Motivating, informative and professional. Great job Molly, and the entire newsletter planning team. And, a "thank you" to all of the PF administrators and current volunteers....!

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Re : Kudos to Molly: Spring '06 Newletter

Postby youtan » Thu Apr 06, 637662 2:27 am

Finally got a chance to open that email - WOW!!! I love it!!! Great job to Molly and the others that put this together!!!

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Re : Kudos to Molly: Spring '06 Newletter

Postby onfaith » Wed Apr 05, 637662 10:36 pm

Molly - - - definitely Kudos...the newsletter looks great and it is so great to see something physical. You can tell alot of hardwork was put into it.

Thanks for your wonderful efforts!!!

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Re : Kudos to Molly: Spring '06 Newletter

Postby jamilyn » Wed Apr 05, 637662 8:33 pm

the newsletter looks great!!! Great job on it. thanks for everyone who put it together.

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