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by mom2ella
Tue Aug 03, 638315 10:50 pm
Forum: Grief and Loss
Topic: Too much loss...Ethan is okay...
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Too much loss...Ethan is okay...

<t>Don't know where else to go so I find myself coming back to my friends on the PE website. Last Thanksgiving was awful because I don't have Ella. I thought this year would be a little better since Ethan is here and such a miracle. My brother showed up at my door at 5:30 Monday morning to let me kn...
by mom2ella
Thu Dec 14, 638305 10:35 pm
Forum: Parents of Preemies
Topic: Scared of the options...
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Scared of the options...

<t>I didn't want to post this on Ethan's website, but I need to get it out. Talked to the doctor today and as I said in his CarePages, the next plan is to wait for him to get to 2200g (now at 1790g) and try to extubate him again...possibly with another round of steroids if needed. We also talked mor...
by mom2ella
Fri Sep 01, 638305 4:11 pm
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: HELP!!!...UPDATED
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<t>So I had some pulling/tenderness in my breast while pumping a few days ago and then I got some numbness and itching from the side of my breast back to my shoulder blade. I am having an u/s done on my breast within the next day or so to check for a clogged duct or something. BUT now there is some ...
by mom2ella
Thu Aug 10, 638305 11:20 am
Forum: Parents of Preemies
Topic: Ethan's website...
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Ethan's website...

<r>I have created a Care Pages website for Ethan so that I can keep everyone updated without sending out separate messages. You have to become a member but it only takes a second. <br/> <br/> <URL url="">
by mom2ella
Sat Jun 24, 638305 9:08 am
Forum: Parents of Preemies
Topic: Today...
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<t>Today is Ethan's due date...8/8/08. I thought I wouldn't mind because I am so blessed to have him here. I know what it's like to not be that fortunate. But I feel sad today...grieving the normal delivery and bringing him home that I had so hoped for. I know I'll get over it and I am just thankful...
by mom2ella
Fri Jan 02, 638303 6:45 am
Forum: Parents of Preemies
Topic: Seriously...
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<r>I know my posts are getting out of control, but I think I'm in SERIOUS trouble. You'll know what I mean when you see this picture. I mean, how will I ever tell him no???? ;-) <br/> <br/> <URL url=""><LINK_TEXT text="http://i182.p...
by mom2ella
Sun Nov 30, 638302 10:05 am
Forum: Parents of Preemies
Topic: Chunky Monkey...
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Chunky Monkey...

<r>Had a scary day yesterday. Nurse tried to flip Ethan to his stomach while he was desatting and partially extubated him. Well, he was already upset so then he aspirated into his ET tube and ended up coding. Chad was there but I wasn't. He called me and I panicked. I've never driven so fast in my l...
by mom2ella
Tue Nov 18, 638302 5:50 pm
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: Experience with Reglan????
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Experience with Reglan????

<t>I have been pumping since Ethan was born but never got more than 2oz at each pumping. This has been plenty for him and we have quite a back up supply, but my milk started to decrease last week and I was worried. So I got a prescription for Reglan to help with increasing my supply. I've been takin...
by mom2ella
Tue Nov 18, 638302 6:35 am
Forum: Parents of Preemies
Topic: 3 POUNDS!!!!
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3 POUNDS!!!!

<t>I never thought I would be able to say it...Ethan reached 3 lbs on Thursday. I didn't post about it yesterday because I thought he would lose some last night, but he actually gained another 2oz. 3lbs, 2oz. Can you believe it???? We had an incredible night last night. After doing his "cares" he wa...
by mom2ella
Tue Oct 14, 638302 10:47 am
Forum: Parents of Preemies
Topic: Heartbroken...
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<t>So we had a conference with Ethan's team yesterday. They told us that Ethan's lungs look terrible and the only hope is that he'll grow and start to heal himself. If not, there is nothing else they can do for him. They said he's not even ready to start weaning off the vent at this point. I don't u...

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