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by kteacher
Mon Jul 26, 637982 6:39 am
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: b12- any correlations?
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b12- any correlations?

<t>I was curious. Does anyone know if there is a connection between low b12 and pe or hellps? I discovered I had low b12 levels a couple of years before I got pregnant. I was on prescription b12 supplement then and still take a b12 injection monthly. I was just curious if there is a connection here....
by kteacher
Mon Jul 26, 637982 6:17 am
Forum: Alabama
Topic: Specialist or not
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Specialist or not

<t>If you read my post under "new to group" you know that I am considering a 2nd child after severe HELLPS with my first (luckily she was born full term and healthy). My current doctor--I was turned over to him when mine moved)said he could tell me the statistics the same as a doctor I asked to be r...
by kteacher
Mon Jul 05, 637982 12:40 pm
Forum: Alabama
Topic: Checking In
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Re : Checking In

<t>I teach kindergarten. I can reassure you that you made the right decision. First grade is a different world. I shudder to think of how different it is sometimes. I'm sure your daughter will thrive in repeating kindergarten and come out a leader and confident whereas if you sent her on she may be ...
by kteacher
Mon Jul 05, 637982 12:36 pm
Forum: Alabama
Topic: new to group
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new to group

<t>I'm in northwest Alabama. My daughter was two in March. I delivered her at full term. I went in the hospital the night before I was to be induced (the night she was due). I was told my platelets were too low for an epidureal...I would be delivering natural (not what I wanted to hear since I hadn'...

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