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by rosalinda
Sun May 13, 2007 03:21 am
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: Magnesium during delivery
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Re : Magnesium during delivery

<t>I had mag three times during my hospitalization (13 days), the first time I had an immediate hot flash as it went through the IV into my body and then I vomited. I did feel groggy and a little out of it. <br/> <br/> The second time during my delivery I didn't get the hot flash, but I was extremel...
by rosalinda
Sat May 12, 2007 01:21 am
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: Beth is back in the hospital @ 33wks
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Re : Beth is back in the hospital @ 33wks

<t>Please remind your daughter gently that hospital bed rest is what is best for her and her baby. I was admitted into the hospital for strict bedrest at 24 weeks, and my daughter was still born at 26 weeks. I would have GLADLY spent the whole 40 weeks in the hospital on bedrest if it would have mea...
by rosalinda
Tue May 08, 2007 00:53 am
Forum: California
Topic: 24-weeker/PE
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Re : 24-weeker/PE

I spoke with family friend Julie last week, little Abbigail passed away on January 18, 2007.
by rosalinda
Sun May 06, 2007 05:16 pm
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: Can anyone help me figure this out??
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Re : Can anyone help me figure this out??

your BP is on the high side, it's past the 140/90 mark. You need to go into L&D and have them do a 24-hour urine test to see if your kidneys are excreting any protein, and to see how the baby is doing. It's always better to be safe, than sorry. Trust your instincts.
by rosalinda
Thu May 03, 2007 12:58 am
Forum: Announcements and Preeclampsia in the News
Topic: Big Brother's baby shock
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Re : Big Brother's baby shock

<t><br/> <br/> Maybe I'm more aware of it now that it's happened to me. But before I got PE, I never really heard much about it or how serious it was. Now that there seems to be a topic with more exposure (more "recognized" women are coming forward and sharing their stories) maybe it will be the cat...
by rosalinda
Wed May 02, 2007 00:50 am
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: Different questions!
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Re : Different questions!

I think that if you're going to do a urine dip, the best time to do it would be the first urine of the day, since it is the most concentrated.

Of course 24-hour counts are more accurate, but for those of us that are paranoid, the morning urine would be your best bet.
by rosalinda
Sat Apr 28, 2007 01:56 am
Forum: Grief and Loss
Topic: In Memoriam
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Re : In Memoriam

Missing my little girl
Elissa Salazar
Born sleeping January 19, 2007
at 26 weeks, 11.5 inches, 420 grams.
Severe PIH, pre-eclampsia.

Mommy thinks about you every single day.
by rosalinda
Fri Apr 27, 2007 00:32 am
Forum: Pregnant Again?
Topic: Hmm....
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Re : Hmm....

Labile readings can be dangerous, you might want to ask your MD to prescribe some meds for the high fluctuations, which need to be controlled.

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