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by emersons mom
Mon Jul 20, 637665 8:43 am
Forum: HELLP Syndrome Survivors and Underlying Disorders
Topic: No underlying disorders
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Re : No underlying disorders

<t>I was told by a nurse practioner that there is some research that suggests that in some women it is like the prescence of the man's chromosomal or genetic donation to the baby is "read" as a foreign entity by the mother's body and then her own body attempts to "get rid" of the invader through any...
by emersons mom
Wed Jun 17, 637665 5:16 am
Forum: Parents of Preemies
Topic: Nipple Feedings
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Re : Nipple Feedings

<t>Shel,<br/> <br/> All babies progress at their own rate, my son has been on nipple feeds since he was 33 weeks old. His feedings then were 30 cc every 3 hours. He always tolerated his gavage very well....but the nipple requires muscle tone in his jaw and the ability to breathe and suck at the same...
by emersons mom
Tue Sep 26, 637662 10:56 am
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: I just don't feel right.
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Re : I just don't feel right.

<t>To any and all I agree go to the doctor and tell them that you do not feel right, I suffered the last week of my pregnancy with severe back pain and an inability to sleep......I was taking 6 showers a day as hot as i could stand to relieve my backpain albeit temporary relief. While going to the p...
by emersons mom
Tue Sep 26, 637662 7:28 am
Forum: After your baby is born .....
Topic: Blood Pressure
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Re : Blood Pressure

<t>Just registered today.......wanted to let you know that I am also under a doctor's care for continued High Blood Pressure and after a few different prescriptions, my doctor is sending me for a sleep study as he suspects sleep apnea is contributing to my blood pressure remaining high, my continued...

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