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by katiechyna
Mon Jul 10, 2006 02:03 pm
Forum: Massachusetts
Topic: Howdy... (is there an echo here?)
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Re : Howdy... (is there an echo here?)

<t>I live in northern RI. I am using a regular OBGYN but I go to the best hospital in the state so I feel good about that. An attending delivered my baby last time since it was an emergency and i was already in the hospital being monitored. I have switched to a single dr this time because I did not ...
by katiechyna
Fri Jul 07, 2006 01:36 pm
Forum: Rhode Island
Topic: No one in RI gets PE or PIH??
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Re : No one in RI gets PE or PIH??

<t>Hi,<br/> <br/> My son jack was delivered my emergency c-section at Women and Infants on Jan 26th due to preeclampsia and a placental abruption. I live in RI, Glocester to be exact. I am contemplating getting pregnant again and I actually just had a consult with the Maternal and Fetal medicine spe...

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