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by kara
Sun Aug 19, 639246 7:37 pm
Forum: Trying Again after Preeclampsia
Topic: riehlism
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Re: riehlism

MTHFR *can* be a risk factor for pregnancy complications including preeclampsia. MTHFR is a gene mutation. 50% of the population has the mutation on one allele or one copy of the gene (we get a set of genes-one from each parent). These folks are considered heterozygous for the mutation and usually d...
by kara
Thu May 31, 639246 2:08 pm
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: Predisposing/underlying condition
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Re: Predisposing/underlying condition

I'm one of those gals who spills protein outside of pregnancy. In pregnancy they would expect me to spill higher amounts of protein, but that's because I havee existing kidney damage. Theoretically, PE doesn't cause permanent organ damage, so they think my kidney issue predated my pregnancy and prob...
by kara
Mon Feb 16, 639237 10:08 am
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: What would you want doulas to know?
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Re: What would you want doulas to know?

I was an exhibitor at a Doula conference this past August in Albuquerque, NM. There were several reoccurring questions and/or statements that might be useful to you in your presentation: 1. Doula's weren't aware of the FREE materials the PF offers (and in Spanish and other languages) - Signs & Sympt...
by kara
Fri Jan 23, 639237 10:42 am
Forum: Wisconsin
Topic: WI members check-in
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Re: WI members check-in

Alissa!! So excited to see you. I'm no longer in WI-moved to TX about a year and a half ago. We have walks in Madison, Wausau and Neenah this year! And you started it all. Email me sometime and tell me how you are doing. Kara @ preeclampsia . org
by kara
Sat Nov 27, 638945 7:00 am
Forum: Pregnant Again?
Topic: Unsure of how to proceed with bed rest....
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Re : Unsure of how to proceed with bed rest....

<t>Are you affiliated with any sort of group or house of worship? Those are great places to seek help. Sometimes friends and family need you to tell them what you need. I'd draft and email with the days you need help and exactly what you need- a meal, laundry helper, someone to take the kids for cer...
by kara
Fri Nov 05, 638945 8:54 am
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: does it soynd like its gettimg worse? opinions?
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Re : does it soynd like its gettimg worse? opinions?

<t>Whenever in doubt, it is always best to at least call the doctor on call, if not go in to the hospital and get checked out right away - blood pressure, and a preeclampsia blood work panel. This disease CAN move very fast -in a matter of hours sometimes. If all is well, then you've only spent a fe...
by kara
Sun Oct 24, 638945 12:35 am
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: Updated-now I need help and advice re: ANA panel
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Re : Updated-now I need help and advice re: ANA panel

<t>It really depends on which tests came back positive. With a positive ANA a rheumatologist is typically the first specialist you see. They will take your history, do a physical exam, ask you a billion questions and maybe do more blood work based on all the other data. A slightly positive ANA can m...
by kara
Wed Sep 29, 638945 8:03 am
Forum: The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia
Topic: Volunteer Corner
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Re : Volunteer Corner

<t>Hey WC,<br/> Just a reminder that we can't post doctor or hospital names on the forums, as it gets mucky with our not for profit status. Please, do email each other through your profile's to exchange information. It's so exciting that you guys are networking and helping each other out. Volunteeri...
by kara
Wed Sep 29, 638945 6:47 am
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: Severe Preeclampsia Question
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Re : Severe Preeclampsia Question

<t>I was "well enough" to have stayed in the bed pregnant for a short time longer, however, it was determined that my baby was the one suffering the brunt of the disorder. Due to her small size, limited blood flow, and overall condition, we induced at 31 weeks. Fortunately I was well under the way t...
by kara
Wed Sep 29, 638945 6:28 am
Forum: Raising Awareness and Fundraising--Idea Exchange
Topic: Who likes Baby Fair's?
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Re : Who likes Baby Fair's?

Hi Leanne,
I'm going to have Johann Aiken contact you. She is our Patient Education Coordinator. I'd rather see you work with her getting more materials into clinics and discuss baby fairs at a different time. Sound good?

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