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by ronel02
Mon Feb 14, 637650 3:43 am
Forum: Pregnant Again?
Topic: "What Did You Do Differently?"
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Re : "What Did You Do Differently?"

<t>Hi Anika<br/> Thanks for this wonderful message. I hope to hear from you soon after your C/S .<br/> <br/> Please let us all know how it went , you give us such an inspiration.<br/> Thanks for all the tips that you gave with this mail.<br/> <br/> May you be blessed and I hope to hear from soon.<br...
by ronel02
Wed May 12, 637649 11:59 am
Forum: International
Topic: Anyone from South Africa??
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Anyone from South Africa??

<t>Hi<br/> I would love to hear from someone in South Africa who has or had PE before. I had PE and had my boy at 33 weeks . He was 1.8KG but he was fine and breathed on his own from day one. We were very blessed and today he is a healthy and active 2 year old.<br/> <br/> I am trying to get pregnant...

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