Failure to thrive...

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Re : Failure to thrive...

Post by jenmatt1 » Mon Sep 13, 2010 02:38 pm

I agree with Trish- part of this weight gain could be that he is starting to be so much more active at this age and burning more calories. My niece was checked for things like hyperthyroidism, cystic fibrosis and celiac disease and none of that was found. You mentioned bloodwork above but not sure if they checked those things. You may want to talk to doctor about testing for those also. Also my sister's pediatrician recommended seeing a nutritionist, which has helped make sure her diet is complete as best they can, with all the foods she likes. Hopefully it is nothing serious and just his normal growth curve now.

Re : Failure to thrive...

Post by milesymommy » Mon Sep 13, 2010 08:25 am

Thanks. My other son Miles is on the low weight side - but he's always been low weight. But Miles was born smaller, and weighed more at a year than Josh does. I think the doctor and I are concerned because he's not gaining weight in accordance with "the curve", and hasn't gained weight in 3 months. But he is very active. Hopefully the Pediasure helps him gain a little more.

Re : Failure to thrive...

Post by trish » Fri Sep 10, 2010 09:31 pm

Has he started crawling a lot more? Walking/cruising? Mine didn't gain much especially once they started doing these things & I think that's normal. My DD was only 17.5 lbs at a year (started at 5.5 lbs) and was only 19.5 at 18 months. She was still only 22 lbs & 31 inches at 2 years. But, she's 26 lbs now (finally!) at almost 3. We did the Pediasure thing & added carantion drink mix to her milk for awhile but I know she was healthy & eating well so I've just realized she's small. Try not to worry!! They all gain at different rates & in spurts!

Re : Failure to thrive...

Post by jenmatt1 » Fri Sep 10, 2010 05:56 pm

my niece is 3 and only 26 lbs- my daughter is 2 and 28 lbs. My niece is just a little peanut- though she was 8 lbs at birth. The doc was initially concerned and continues to monitor her- but she is a healthy eater just very very active kid. I think it is just her nature. My daughter is only in 50% for weight but over the 95% curve for height (while she was at 50% for height at birth) so who knows. I just think the growth curves are more for doctors to be on lookout for anything but it doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong.

As an aside- I also notice that when my daughter is going through growth spurts her weight goes down- She'll grow 1/2 inch, then lose 1 lb so we have been stuck at 28 lbs since almost 6 months now because of her height. I think you just keep watching him, but it may just be his natural tendencies.

Failure to thrive...

Post by milesymommy » Fri Sep 10, 2010 03:55 pm

My 1 year old has not gained any weight in the last 3 months. In fact, he's down a couple ounces from 3 months ago. But he eats well. Up until his 1 yr well baby this week, he was drinking 20-30 oz of formula a day, plus 3 meals and 1-2 snacks... the typical diet for an older infant. His foods have been varied in type. By 9 mo, mostly jarred stage 3 foods, from apples and bananas with cereal to turkey dinner to spaghetti with beef to green beans with rice and of course cheerios. Over the last 2 months, he'll eat some of whatever we eat - pancakes, eggs, raviolis, turkey, mashed potatoes, broccoli, peas, pizza... And this is on top of 20-30 oz of formula!
He started out at 7lbs 14 oz (83%), and is now 19 lbs (6%) at a year old. His height and head circumference have stayed on curve (50% for height, 80% for head). The pediatrician (and me of course!) is concerned about his lack of weight gain. He ordered labs (just loved having his finger milked... not) and is now having me feed him pediasure trying to get him to gain weight, and since he's a year, switching from formula to whole milk - we introduced him to whole milk a month ago so he's doing fine with the switch. We rarely give him juice, so it's not that he's getting empty calories.
Anyone else have issues like this??? Most of the stuff I find talks about kids that don't eat enough or eat the wrong stuff - but he eats more than enough of the right kind of foods. And he doesn't have diarrhea (unless on antibiotics). He is very active and is meeting the developmental milestones... but I can't help but worry.