gas pains?

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Re : gas pains?

Post by aggie95mom » Thu Jul 29, 2010 01:41 pm

A few days late, but I wanted to second the comment that maybe it's too much food for him? I'm not one for denying my children any food that they want (and is good for them), but when Jacob was about 3/4 months old (adjusted), we had to cut down how much milk he was getting at each bottle (pumped breastmilk) b/c he was eating more than his stomach could handle and it made him very upset. I also agree, though, that formulas are all different and maybe that is the best change to try.

Re : gas pains?

Post by love_the_daschies » Sat Jul 24, 2010 02:58 pm

lou had something similar happen. I pumped and he had 1-2 formula bottles a day as well. He would turn purple and scream while he was farting - poor man. I switched him to the enfamil gentlease and he has been fine since day 1 - no more purple gasy man. good luck I hope a formula change may help you too/

Re : gas pains?

Post by suleaf » Thu Jul 22, 2010 08:57 pm

Oh no, Samar was like that too, in the end he had reflux though which seemed to finally stop the worst of it.

It's terrible seeing them in so much pain.

A formula change did help us a great deal..... and he did outgrow it in a few months..... but its hard to watch.

Re : gas pains?

Post by klutsyone01 » Thu Jul 22, 2010 07:15 pm


Re : gas pains?

Post by jmom08 » Thu Jul 22, 2010 06:54 pm

We are going through the same thing! At first we thought it was the formula, but I was able to get my supply up and cut out the formula, and he's still having trouble on breastmilk (exclusively pumping). :( We got about the same response from the pediatrician initially, but we went back and got the suggestion of trying a baby laxative for the periods he's miserable and hasn't had BM/gas recently. DS also seems to have a bit of reflux, sometimes he cries and has sour breath without the straining/gas problem. The lactation consultant thinks we're overfeeding him (based on # of ounces & weight gain). The pediatrician disagreed, but agrees he's gaining weight faster than average, and finally said we could try cutting back his intake by 10% or so. Everyone seems to agree he'll outgrow it in a couple of months... meanwhile when he has rough nights, it throws off his day/night and I get no sleep (I think I'm averaging 3 hrs/day). No picnic. I'm sorry no answers here... but you're not alone!!

Re : gas pains?

Post by mommy2maddie » Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:02 pm

sounds like my little one, the first couple months were awful! I pumped for four weeks, because he would not latch on, he had perfectly fine bowel movements then. I think at about three weeks old I started introducing formula because I was sick of pumping, I felt like I wasn't able to enjoy him, pumping and feeding every three hours was *. Anyway I remeber the first night we really gave him alot of formula and he was up all night screaming. He had a bowel movement before he went to bed which was watery (i think because he was still on the breast milk), we tried everything to make him have another but he just wouldnt. I felt so bad for him. From this point on he pretty much cried all day, it was horrible and like you my doc said its just colic and that i was overreacting. I tried every single formula out there, similac soy, hypoallergenic, enfamil, nothing ever worked. I also tried the mylicon drops, they didnt work either. Finally at four months old my son got put in the hospital with RSV. My doc told me to switch his formula (at this point he was on similac sensitive, he seemed to cry a little less with that) to soy, and I told him similac soy didnt work and he told me to try enfamil soy and that this would help the diarrhea he was having also due to the RSV. The enfamil formula was a life saver!!!! After he got out of the hospital he was a whole new baby. I remeber thinking in the hospital please let him be okay, I will never ever complain about him crying again! But after the formula switch he was so much better. But this whole time he was still having trouble passing bowel movements when we switched to the formula, my doc recommended I start with a 1/2 teaspoon of miralax in his formula everyday, and increase it if needed. He still needs the miralax everyday. I also did this with my DD until she was one, it seemed when she switched completely to table food that she didnt need it anymore. Of course every baby is different so this might not work for your little one but I thought I would share the experience. By the way have you been giving him formula from the beginning or did you just start? One thing I learned is that all formulas are different, one brand might not work but the same formula in a different brand might. Sorry for the long story!!! :)

Re : gas pains?

Post by klutsyone01 » Wed Jul 21, 2010 09:51 pm

im so sorry. my little man had the same problem. and no it wasnt collic. the formula was too hard on his tummy. one if you are giving him vitamin drops with iron, or iron fortified formula. switch it to ones without. the extra iron is very often unnessary and gives them gas. i found with my son that he was good on wither preemie formula or enfamil for gassy or fussy babys. i tried 6 different kinds of formula before i found one that didnt upset his tummy. also with bf, what are you eating? are you eating alot of dairy? keep a food journal, it will help you notice a correlation between what you eat and how fussy he is. then after you can adjust your diet to suit his tummy. also what kind of bottles are u using. we also went through several brands and styles of bottles before we found one that he didnt get air from. at babys r us they have thesse special breast feeding bottles that are amazing that help with nipple confusion and didnt add to my little mans gas problem. good luck and keep trying to find a solution, dont just axcept its colic.

gas pains?

Post by rosalinda » Wed Jul 21, 2010 07:49 pm

Isma Jr. is 6 weeks old today and has been having horrible gas pains..he squirms and groans all day/night and strains and pushes and seems to have relief once he has a bowel movement or passes gas. He is not constipated as his bowel movements are soft/watery.

I breastfeed for 20-30 minutes and then give him 3-5 ounces of formula. I have tried mylicon drops but they don't seem to be working. I am considering switching him to similac alimentum a hypoallergenic formula, has anyone else tried this?

We saw his pediatrician but all she could say was 'it's colic and it'll pass'. But he cries and wiggles in pain :(

Any advice?