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Re : New Member

Post by deerhart » Mon Mar 22, 2004 01:52 pm

I am not sure what hospitals specialize in that type of field, but you can look up some of the top childerns hospitals in the country. I know NY and Pennsylvania have very good children's hospitals. St. Louis Children's hospital is another good one.

That should give you a good start at researching different places and leads to others.


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Re : New Member

Post by aimeejane » Mon Mar 22, 2004 10:59 am

Welcome all new members, and congrats on your little wonders!!!

Glenda, I wish I could offer you some sage advice, but my knowledge of your granddaughter's syndrome is close to nil. Is there another children's hospital in Mobile where you could get a second opinion? I wish you all the best...Please let us know how she's doing!

Georgia State Coordinator

Ds Nicky - 3/24/00 (28 wks - eclampsia)
Ds Kalen - 7/10/03 (36 weeks - preeclampsia) (Pswd: ilovemommy)

Re : New Member

Post by sandy » Mon Mar 22, 2004 08:04 am

Hi Kim, congratulations on your little guy and welcome!!

~Sandy/DD born via emergency C at 35 wks/1 day June '03 due to Severe PE/class III HELLP/chronic HBP/asthma

Re : New Member

Post by njj20404 » Mon Mar 22, 2004 07:20 am

Welcome, all!!! I am also a new member. I had my son by emergency c-section due to severe pre-e which also came out of nowhere. He is doing really well with his feeds and was up to 3 lbs 15 oz (1780 grams) yesterday. Our little piggy, lol!!! We are hoping we might be able to bring him home in a week or 2!!!



Mommy to Nicholas James
born 2/4/04 at 31 weeks (2 lbs 1 oz) due to severe pre-e and placental abruption

Re : New Member

Post by meg » Sun Mar 14, 2004 06:10 pm

Welcome to all of you new members![:D]

Will 2-6-00 ( PE at 35 weeks)
Elizabeth 7-3-01 ( NO PE)
#3 EDD 10-25-04
Proud Aunt to Ethan born 27.5 weeks weighing 1lb 8 ounces! Our little fighter!

Re : New Member

Post by glenda » Sat Mar 13, 2004 01:55 pm

March 13, 2004
I have been looking desperately for someone or somewhere that possibly could help my granddaughter. My daughter had twins at 24 weeks. Isabel weighed 1 lb. 1/2 oz. and was 10 3/4 inches long, Abigail weighed 1 lb. 4 oz. and was 14 inches long. Isabel has done very well - in fact she was released from the hospital about 5 weeks ago. Abigail is still in the hospital. She has short gut syndrome and had surgery in November on her gut and they put an ostomy bag on her stomach. December 3 they went back in and put another bag on her stomach and removed a good portion of her intestines. She developed a fistula and they had to put a bag on it. The doctors told my daughter that they would reverse the surgery before she left the hospital, but now they have changed their minds. They want her to take Abigail home and change the dressings, bags, she will be on iv's and oxygen. They want her to be bigger and older before they do the surgery. We want to take her somewhere else, but we do not know where an excellent hospital and surgeons are that specialize in this type of problem.

She has been at USA Children's and Women's hospital in Mobile, Alabama for 5 months. She was born on October 10, 2003, the babies were due January 28, 2004.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?


Re : New Member

Post by angelical » Thu Oct 09, 2003 03:19 pm

We have definitely all been down these roads... soon enough, you too will be an "old pro" at the preemie thing! Be sure to look through this section for more 'hints for preemie parents'...all the things we WISH we had known...LOL


Sharel & Kevin
Aaron - 28 weeker
Born 5/2/02 due to preeclampsia & HELLP

Our miracle boy is doing great!!

Re : New Member

Post by katie-n-noahs-mom » Thu Oct 09, 2003 01:33 pm

Hello! I'm a new member as well. I have 2 children that were born premature due to pre-eclampsia. My daughter is 9 and was born at 28 weeks at 1 lb 11 1/2 oz. She is in the 4th grade and a VERY smart cookie. [:D] My son is 5 mos. and was born at 31 weeks at 3 lbs 3 oz. We waited 9 years to get pregnant again out of fear of getting severely sick with pre-eclampsia again, but decided we'd let God be in control this time. I'm glad we did. My son is beautiful and very healthy! (except that he lost a kidney due to my severe hypertension and gestational diabetes) I think the fact that I took it upon myself to start an 81 mg baby aspirin the second time around (I did SO much research before getting pregnant with #2) did me wonders and got me as far as I did with my son. It wasn't until I went off of the aspirin due to an upcoming c-section (they didn't want me on a blood thinner) that my condition started to get worse with my pregnancy and they did a c-section. All is well though and my son is now on an apnea monitor. He is approaching his 4th month with no bradycardia or apnea spells and I'm getting VERY nervous to take him off - It's my security blanket! [:I] Again...I have to let God be the one in the driver's seat though....
It's very nice to "meet" you all and hear your stories. It's nice to know that there are others that have experienced VERY similar circumstances as myself. Thanks for letting me share. [:)]

Anna 33
Noel 34
Katie 9 - 28 weeks p-e
Noah 5 mos.- 31 weeks p-e

Re : New Member

Post by momathelete » Sun Oct 05, 2003 03:25 am

Welcome Tina!

I love to hear how great your baby is doing. She sounds wonderful!!

mom to Cole Thomas -former 28.5 weeker (3-5-99, 3 lbs)due to HELLP and Madelaine Grace "Lainey" -former 29.5 (10-11-01, 3lbs 4oz)weeker due to Pre-E and had PIH with Elisabeth Rose (Ella) -37 weeker,born June 30th 2003 weighing 5 lbs 12 oz and beautiful.

Re : New Member

Post by angelical » Sat Oct 04, 2003 01:21 pm

Hi, Tina!

Welcome to our group! (albeit we are all here under less than idea circumstances! [:o)] ) Congrats on the healthy of your little one!

Sharel [8D]

Sharel & Kevin
Aaron - 28 weeker
Born 5/2/02 due to preeclampsia & HELLP

Our miracle boy is doing great!!