preemie concems

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Re : preemie concems

Post by samarasmom » Sun Jul 25, 2004 05:41 pm

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! That is exactly the area I am talking about and it was my #1 concern with her and I was very afraid seeming that none of my boys had this. There is an end to the dimple that I can see so I am entirely relieved but will still mention it to the docs just in case they need to keep an eye on it or have any other advise on it but i can at least rest easy before then.
Again thanks so so much

Sandra 23
elijah 05/06/99
isaiah 03/25/02
samara 07/21/04

Re : preemie concems

Post by meg » Sun Jul 25, 2004 05:33 pm

#2 sounds to me like a "sapial dimple" ( not sure about the spelling of that) My DD has one. Its above her rectal hole and its almost like another hole. Its like a dimple. Hard to explain. Its right at teh base of her spine. The doc said it can be totaly normal ( she was not a preemie or a PE baby by the way). The doc checked to make sure she could see the bottom of it. She said as long as there is a closed bottom to the dimple its ok, if you cant find the bottom or it seems "open" at the bottom then it could be something to worry about. I would just have the ped check it out. I dont really know about the others. Hope that helped.

Will 2-6-00 (PE at 35 weeks)
Elizabeth 7-3-01 (NO PE or PIH)
#3 EDD 10-25-04 Its a girl! So far so good!
Proud Aunt to Ethan born 26/27 weeks (March 8th) weighing 1 lb 8 ounces! Our little fighter!
Now 6 pounds. He is home and off of oxygen!

preemie concems

Post by samarasmom » Sun Jul 25, 2004 04:20 pm

samara is 5 wks early and is a very good sized baby for her age ( 6 pds 12 oz ) but I have some concerns and since her peds is out of town for 2 wks and i dont trust the other doc i was hoping to get some advise from some moms who may have been thru this before and are unfortunately familiar.

1. There are some eating problems, she holds alot of her formula in her mouth and when she burps she cries like it hurts her stomach and like she is gassy, she was spitting up brown stuff that the doc said was partially digested formula so we switched her to Nutramigen to help with that and it has stopped the vomiting but not the gassiness.

2. On her back above her butt is a small area that looks like the skin is just closing up around her spine ( it kind of looks like a closed area of the disease spina bifida) not sure if this is normal since she is an early baby or what.

3. and last but not least when I had her at 35 wks and 1 day they said that the placenta was 'old' and was about 40-42 wks old and i was very lucky that she was born when she was for the simple fact that the placenta would have shut down and stopped nourishing her and she could have died.

NOt sure if anyone can help me with these questions but this is a place to start for some answers. Thanks if you can or cant help.

Sandra 23
elijah 05/06/99
isaiah 03/25/02
samara 07/21/04