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Re : Kade update

Post by kdreher » Sat Oct 10, 2009 05:15 pm

Seasonal influenza is a much harsher strain then H1N1 this year. We have had over 45 positive cases at our campus where I work and all are fine. No one required hospitalization etc. Your son is more likely to get a cold, flu before the H1N1. Due to him having asthma, we have it too, the flu shot is highly recommended. We are not doing H1N1. We also do pulmicourt 2x a day and albuterol as needed. Michael does great with the treatments and he's in daycare and we have had no issues since the treatments began.

Re : Kade update

Post by hannahsmom » Tue Sep 29, 2009 06:56 pm

Boy, Kade is getting so big. He's so cute! Hannah has reactive airway disease, too. Her pediatrician said she likely has lung damage from being on the ventilator in the NICU. She also hates the nebulizer but now that she's bigger, she can use an inhaler instead when she goes to school instead of getting breathing treatments. We still have to do them at home, though, especially in the winter.

Re : Kade update

Post by summerw77 » Tue Sep 29, 2009 05:14 pm

I was considering that but with the swine flu running through colleges I"m hesitant to have them here. I'm already freaked out about ME and Troy being in college. I'd like to find a Grandma LOL. How much did you pay your college student? I could put a sign up at the college............and tell them if swine flu hits the school you can't come.

Re : Kade update

Post by kara » Tue Sep 29, 2009 00:28 am

Hang in there, chickie. Remember, special moms and given special babes. We ALL understand how rough preemie parenting can be (not mention when you have other issues going on). Can you get a college kid to come in and watch him at the house? That's what I did. Even a couple days a week. I'm like you - can't sit/work at home. I'm too extroverted to do that. And I'm a MUCH better mommy when I have time away.

Kade update

Post by summerw77 » Mon Sep 28, 2009 09:05 pm

Soooooo where to start? Well first off Kade had RSV last Jan and now has reactive airway disease. I'm sure your all familiar w/that but it's basically asthma that can go away by age 6. He's now on steriods (promocort??) and albuterol nebulizers which he hates and I hate. He was sick basically from Jan. to the end of May. We have just pulled him out of daycare after getting his second respitory sickness in 3 weeks (which I have now too). last winter was probably one of the worst times of my life, this summer probably the best!!!! I'm not excited to work from home though honestly............
Kade is very very smart. At 21 months he knows his ABC's and can count to 30! He is speaking in sentences (like no mommy dont want that) and he knows every animal. He seems to be ahead verbally of hsi 2-3 yr old friends but behind a little physically. He still falls down stairs and falls on teh pavemenet walking just kind of clumbsy stll. And obviously his lungs are worthless but the pulmonologist says this winter should be the last real hard one, I'm hoping he's rght. I can't go throug what we dd last winter ever again much less every winter for teh rest of my life. He loves his puppies too of course. =) =) He and Rocket are best buds. He tells him to "shub up" when he barks and he makes him sit, and even heel LOL. Poor dog.
Here are some updated pics.
As for my update, still dealing with the pelvic pain crap, need to get back to Pheonix soon for more procedures. It's been a VERY hard 3 years. VERY HARD>