About my last 48 hours..........

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Re : About my last 48 hours..........

Post by sherry fisher » Mon Dec 08, 2003 12:14 am

I was told everything from the flu, colon infectin to ecoli. Nothing confimed though. I was given IV fluids for almost 48 hours. About 12 of that was Potassium/Choloride. I was low due to dehydration and blood loss. I felt a little better after they gave me these. Still not up to 100%. Although; I am having a dull pain in my lower left side. And in my upper left side (under my heart). I am keeping a watch on these two. Of course, I have not had another 'bowel movement' since I have left, so I am unsure if it is still blood or not. I was pumped full of Immodium AD in the hospital, even after it all had stopped. I did not want to end of constipated again. The baby is moving around more than ever! Wich is awesome to feel. He/She is an Orange Juice baby. All I have to do is drink some OJ if I am worried. LOL

Thanks for the concern. I will keep you posted on what happens. If anything. I think I am 'over' the worst of whatever I had though. Thank goodness!

Sherry Fisher (28)
DH: Bill (35)
Proud Mama to:
#1) Alex 1/1/94-PE
#2) Abbie 12/17/97-PIH
#3 Will 08/03/02-PP PE
#4) EDD: 4/27/04

Re : About my last 48 hours..........

Post by erin2003 » Mon Dec 08, 2003 12:12 am

OMGoodness Sherry!

I am so glad you put first that Baby is fine beacuse that was a very scarey post to read! I am glad you are feeling better and will pray you get some answers very soon!

Thoughts & Wishes


Me 27 DH 28
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Born at 27w5d due to Pre-E, HELLP
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Re : About my last 48 hours..........

Post by annegarrett » Sun Dec 07, 2003 09:47 am

You can order proteinuria PH strips online or get them in a pharmacy. I would. Many offices no longer check for proteinuria when you are not in your first pregnancy and have no other signs of preeclampsia.

It sounds like the flu--but (not a doctor)I would have thought they would have said that. I would have thought at the very least they would have kept you hooked up to an IV to get you hydrated but again--not a doctor.

I had the flu this past week--very similar--but wasn't pregnant which no doubt does not make it easier.

Mine lasted 48 hours...keep us updated and let us know what you decide. I hate being sick. So sorry you don't feel well.

Anne Garrett
Executive Director
Preeclampsia Foundation

Re : About my last 48 hours..........

Post by paljane8 » Sat Dec 06, 2003 08:49 pm

Oh, Sherry, what a nightmare! I really hope you are doing better soon. How horrible! Is your OB high risk? What does s/he think about the care you recieved?

All I know about bloody stools (with or without the stool) is that bright red means that whatever is bleeding is close to the anus and is fresh. Dark brown blood is from higher up and has been in the body longer.

Has it stopped yet? How are you feeling? Please hang in there!

Scott-born 05-14-99 @38 weeks-PE
Janie-born 05-12-03 @37 weeks-PIH, small for gestational age (oligo and low blood flow)

About my last 48 hours..........

Post by sherry fisher » Sat Dec 06, 2003 12:49 am

First of all...the baby is fine!

It all started at 11:30 pm on Thursday night. I woke up throwing up and barely making it to the rest room for diahrea. I sat there with the most horrible cramping and sweating...although it felt like I was sitting outside in 0 degree weather naked and sweating. I was short of breath and it felt like I was seconds from passing out. I actually fell off the toilet to get closer to the floor. All the while my husband is asking what is wrong. I could not talk to him. I had to save all my energy to take breaths. I finially managed "get me to the hospital". Then "call an ambulance". The police officer got to our house before the ambulance. He and my husband helped me down stairs. They started an IV and drew blood in the ambulance. My BP was 143/82. I got to the hospital...feeling a little better. No more vomiting. No more diahrea. Just blood instead of stools! I started having contractions in the ER, they then sent me to L&D. I went there so that they could monitor the baby. The baby was fine, but mommy was not. I was then told that I needed to go back to the ER, because "this was not baby related". By this time I am mad as * and in pain! I asked a nurse in L&D to run a PE panel. She said I have "no symptoms of PE". My BP at this time was 151/94. Went back to the ER. My potassium and Sodium were low due to "blood loss and/or dehydration". I was sent home later with Immodium AD and NO diagnosis!

I called my OB at 9am. Sill nauseaus and pooping ALL bright red blood! She told me to get back to L&D so that she could run more tests! Did that, when I got there I was asked about 5 times if "I was sure she told me to come here, I should go to the ER". At this time I told them "she said to come here". I stayed all day Friday with headaches, STILL bloody poops, nausea and really weak! All the while my BP's are in the range of 120/60. I specifically asked the nurse if taking my BP meds would drop my BP too low, and she told me no. Was given that...within my BP was 100/43. I refused to take any more BP meds while there! My BP was low like that all day and into this morning on 200 mg ONE time! DH and I got home about an hour ago STILL with NO diagnosis! They called a GI Dr. in and he ran all the tests on the blood. He found nothing. He said that a hemrhoid would not cause the cramping like diahrea and nausea before having a bowel movememt (all blood). So this whole time the only stools were from the bout before my husband called the ambulance.:) He wants me to come into the office in one week if the blood does not stop.

My husband and I are totally confused about what is happening here. I was told it was not baby related. The baby performed beautifully throughout the periodically monitoring. I did eat Dairy Quees at 6pm before a candle party at my aunts. Was it food poisioning, ecoli? He dont know. No one can tell me anything. Other than "colon irritation". I feel alot better than I did, that is for sure. Still not up to my usual self. I requested a PE panel and to test for a kidney infection. All the while being told that I have no symptoms of these. I then asked if they dipped my urine for protein. She asked if I do that at home. (UGHHH!) I told her no. She then said no one had orders to do protein dips! I filled maybe 3/4 of the hat they give you for urine in a 24 hour period! I knew something was wrong! I was sooo dehydrated that they could not start an IV without chasing a vein for about 10 minutes!!!

Sherry Fisher (28)
DH: Bill (35)
Proud Mama to:
#1) Alex 1/1/94-PE
#2) Abbie 12/17/97-PIH
#3 Will 08/03/02-PP PE
#4) EDD: 4/27/04